Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So T.O. is a Cowboy

Just dig a hole and roll me in and cover me up. Life as I have known it is now over. T. O. has been signed by Jerry Jones. I think all the rain over the weekend must have been Tom Landry, Tex Shramm and Clint Murchison crying. Also, God may have been included -- since the Cowboys were once His team. (Someone once said that Texas Stadium had a hole in the roof so that God could watch).

I told my boys that I would not be watching the Cowboys this year. They think I'm joking. After all, I have been watching them for 40 years -- through good times and bad. I loved Tom Landry. And even though I disagreed with Jerry's handling of the situation with Tom, I agreed that it was time for a change. Beverly used to be as big a Cowboy fan as I was, but she has never gotten over that. She and I used to make a date to watch the games, but I don't remember the last time she watched the Boys.

Well, now I will join her. I'm not saying that I won't sneak a peak on Monday night, etc. But I will not be following or rooting for the Cowboys this year. I feel that strongly about the signing of T. O. Jerry has resorted to scraping the bottom of the barrel to bring him in. I don't care if he scores 30 touchdowns, has 2,500 yards receiving and takes the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. He represents everything that stinks about professional athletics. He thinks team is spelled, "I-ME-MINE."

As I drove over to Amberton U. to teach last night, I was listening to the Randy Galloway show. Randy is always good for a few laughs. I think people could appreciate him more if they realized that he is pretty tongue in cheek with his comments -- although he is very opinionated. He was really coming down on Jerry for signing T. O. But he refused to call him anything but "Lucifer." I didn't know that Randy was particularly religious, but it is interesting that Lucifer means "Destroyer."

So, any T. O. fans out there?


Melanie Morales said...

Well, I'm with Beverly on this one. My interest in the Cowboys pretty much went out the window with the Tom Landry thing.

I cannot stand T.O. - so no, not a fan here! Though I am looking forward to sitting with my son watching some football this fall, we won't be watching T.O.

I know that it was once said that the Dallas Cowboys were God's team... I wonder which team it is now? (smile)

JRoss said...

I read your blog yesterday but needed to ponder it before commenting.

I agree that T.O. has a HORRIBLE reputation as a team player. But so did Keyshawn Johnson, and they kept him muzzled. I was hoping T.O. wouldn't become a Cowboy, but he is. Let's face it - bar none -he is the most talented receiver in the league.

This is where I'm stuck: Has he learned from his mistakes? He apologized - but was it sincere? He told J.Jones "I know what is expected of me" - does that mean he's going to keep his mouth shut? I'm not being naive, just hopeful.

Before I boycott the Cowboys I am going to see what happens. If he is the same old T.O. then Carolina here I come (until the problem is fixed).