Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It Was Worth a Try

I have written before on this blog about my love for Memphis barbecue. So yesterday for Labor Day, I had a brainstorm (watch out!). I went and bought a side of both beef and pork ribs. Beverly helped me find a recipe, and I set out to try to duplicate our Memphis experience.

After 4 hours of wonderful aroma and mouths watering, it came time to actually try my experiment. Beverly and David tasted them first, and acted like they were delicious. I tried them, and I was SO disappointed. Not at all what I had expected.

I really think they were cheerleading me because they want me to keep trying to perfect this new menu item. But I have decided I will just settle for an occasional trip to a good ribs' joint -- and stick with my famous hamburgers and popcorn.


Jeff said...

I'm going with them. Keep trying so the rest of us will have a good rib joint to go to! I'll be a crash test dummy for you if I need to be.

Kyle R. said...

Sounds like a worthy endeavor, for sure.

Beverly Ross said...

Amen to Jeff and Kyle! Let's do it!!!

randy said...

If you get it perfected, I'll help eat it.