Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterday Was a BIG Day

Yesterday my son Josh turned 30. As I watch him and my son Jonathan with their boys, who are 3 and 4, I am taken back to when they were that age. I remember that feeling of having them think I could do anything. It was both incredible -- and fearful. I knew I could never measure up, but it was fun while it lasted:)

I am so proud of Josh. He is so gifted as a preacher. But he also has a huge heart for the disadvantaged. In fact, it is his passion. And I am learning so much from him about living out the heart of Jesus.

Happy 30th, Son.

I LOVED watching the Rangers beat the Yankees Sunday. Actually, sweeping them over the weekend was really nice. But Sunday's game was just good, fundamental baseball. Great pitching from Lee. And our closer, Felix, is UNBELIEVABLE! But we scored runs with good base-running decisions and timely hitting. So different from Rangers' teams of the past who basically depended on the home run.



Jeff said...

The Rangers revived my hope after the weekend with the Yankees and it was great to see Lee return to form and Nelson Cruz do his thing.

I was telling a friend about Josh's video last week and there it was on Sunday. He has a gift and it's great to see him using it in powerful ways.

Let me know when the Cowboys start playing. I might be interested in watching them again one of these days.

Kyle R. said...

Josh is indeed very gifted.

And the Rangers proved that they can handle a playoff caliber team by sweeping the Yanks. Now, let's see if they can do that on the road too... or at least win a series on the road against a playoff contender.

Oh the Cowboys-- same ole undisciplined stuff that causes them games-- penalties, fumbles, etc. Shanahan is heads above Phillips in coaching ability.