Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

Beverly and I have had all of our grandkids with us at some point over the last two weeks. This morning, our Memphis family is leaving. So tonight we are empty nesters again. It has been SO fun being with our grandkids for so long. I'm going to miss them.

Have I told you how much I love my shepherds? Every time I get to spend time with them, it is a joy. By the way, you won't hear many preachers saying that, either. Also, we have had 6 baptisms since Wednesday. Yesterday morning, one of our Friendspeak contacts was baptized. It was so beautiful. As we gathered after her baptism, we sang to her in Spanish. Tears were flowing.

The Rangers clinched! I have enjoyed watching this team. They just seem to have fun playing ball. I don't have real high expectations for how far they will go in the playoffs, because they have not done well against the Twins or the Rays. But who knows?

And, oh yeah, Jerry's team won yesterday for the 1st time this year.

Ryder Cup week, bay-bee! I love watching. Golf is such an individual sport, but it is really cool watching them play as a team. I'll be pulling for USA, but I have a feeling Europe is going to win this year.

It felt GREAT walking outside to get the paper this morning! 54 degrees. I love it!

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Jeff said...

I missed 2 baptisms somewhere along the way.

The Ryder Cup isn't a NASCAR event? Oh well, I watch as much NASCAR as golf. I've about to throw the Longhorns in that pile too.

I enjoyed getting to see your kids over the past week. I think I bonded with Noah at lunch on Wednesday because he was handing me pencils yesterday at church. I think he said Sub T-16 rocks too but I might be mistaken.