Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dez Bryant's Rookie Lesson

So during Cowboys' training, rookie Dez Bryant refused to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads. I am not defending him, because it's just part of the rookie initiation. Easier to go along than to get defensive. But I do think it is interesting that Williams (who has been pretty much a bust, thus resulting in the Cowboys drafting Bryant #1) would be the one to initiate the raze.

Well, Williams had said at the time that Dez would pay. Monday night, Dez took the offense to Pappas Brothers' Steakhouse. Williams also invited the defense. Dez ended up paying the bill for about 30 football players. Final tab? Just under $55,000. (No, I did not add too many zeroes).

As I listened to GAC (Galloway and Company) on ESPN radio yesterday, they were discussing this. One of them had added up the cost if a person ordered EVERYTHING on the menu (all appetizers, entrees and desserts). It came to just over $1,000. Obviously those football players didn't order everything on the menu. I did read this morning in the paper that many of them left the restaurant with expensive wine bottles under their arms.

The moral of the story? If someone asks you to carry his shoulder pads to the locker room, carry them to the locker room two days (this is a bit of a twist on what Jesus said.) It sure is easier and cheaper than facing the consequences.

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Jeff said...

I liked Dale Hansen's comment last night. I'm paraphrasing but it went something like you can either pay a teacher for a year or take some of the Cowboys out to dinner.

It says a lot about the priorities we all struggle with.