Friday, September 24, 2010

ACU Summit

I was blessed by being in Abilene Sunday evening through Wednesday. So many people and places that have shaped me and my life. I must admit that my first trip back since Jenny's death was bitter-sweet. So many reminders of good times. Beverly and Josh did the Lord proud in their presentations at ACU Summit.

I began a series on the Fruit of the Spirit a couple of weeks ago. For the last two days, I have sat here at my desk -- with my mind blank. Sunday I am supposed to speak on "joy." And I feel so inadequate to the task. Then next week is "peace." Oh, how my joy and peace have been shaken. Will I ever really know them again? My mind tells me yes, although they will never look the same. But my heart has its doubts.


Lauren said...

Rick, it was such a gift to me to meet you at Summit. You and your family are such treasures in the Kingdom. Josh has been my favorite preacher for quite awhile now and hearing Beverly's heart has made her one of my heroines of faith. Thank you so very much for being so intensely and authentically real in your journey and the journey of your family with Jesus. The Ross family means the world to me. Blessings to you, brother! I'm praying over Sunday as you prepare.

Kyle R. said...

Regardless of the words the words God gives you in preaching on joy and peace, you have already done and continue to "preach" on these things through your life and how you're stuggling with tragedy on this fallen earth.

I wouldn't, myself, have a clue on what to say either regarding joy and peace. But I know God does. And I (and so many others) are watching God use your's and Beverly's lives as living sermons on what it means to bear the fruit of the Spirit.

So if you don't have the words to speak from the pulpit by Sunday, no worries. God does. And if what I've seen the past six months is any indication, the Lord has some things to say through you to specific people, perhaps people that don't even know they need to hear you.

Jeff said...

I echo Kyle's comments. I have seen God working through you in powerful ways.

I hope you will soon know the joy and peace God has for you. Your words to me on a day of great despair were "I have to continue to trust in Him because what else is there?" I want to join you in trusting in the Lord to provide the joy and peace He wants you to feel.

I love you brother.