Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas!

No longer do I have to dream about a white Christmas. Contrary to the weather forecasts, we got a blizzard-like snowstorm last Thursday. About 4 inches -- and drifts up to 2 feet deep! And 4 days later, my yard still has enough snow to build a snowman. In fact, the backyard is still totally blanketed. I love it!

It looks like this won't even totally melt away before we get more, too. Forecasts call for up to 3 more inches tomorrow!

Lots of good college football this week. On behalf of my oldest son, I will watch Nebraska on Wednesday night. And I look forward to TCU's and Texas' games next week.

I have been quiet on the Cowboy front in this blog during the current football season. I will say at this point that even though it will probably secure him another year as Cowboys' coach, I hope Wade Phillips can win a playoff game. I am not a fan of his, but I hate to see anyone carry a monkey on his / her back. Strange, too, in that he has a pretty good regular season record for his career.

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Jeff said...

I loved looking at the snow on Christmas. Driving on the ice...not so much.

I'll miss the Nebraska game Wednesday due to a prior engagement but will certainly be watching TCU and Texas. I'm confident TCU will win. Texas on the other hand has me a bit worried.

I find it hard to imagine Wade being back next year.