Wednesday, December 02, 2009


What a surprise to wake up this morning to about 3" of snow! The weather people had said we might have snow showers mixed with rain -- but basically guaranteed no accumulation. I LOVE snow. I might feel different if I lived up north. It makes even the common scenery take on a new beauty.

I better enjoy it. It will probably be gone by 10 AM.

Poor Tiger. Seems that things are going from bad to worse for him. He hasn't called me yet for advice, but here's what I would tell him. I am a big believer (much more so today than I have been in the past) of bringing everything out into the light. Covering up and living in denial only compounds whatever problem one is in. Once things are out in the light, a person can move forward.

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Jeff said...

I hope people will remember that Tiger is made in God's image but is fallible just like the rest of us. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but it's where we see the battle manifest.