Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Fascinating" People? and GMA

Last night Beverly and I watched Barbara Walters' "Top 10 Most Fascinating People." Fascinating? I question Walters' definition when it came to several of her picks. Lewd perhaps. Defiantly immoral for sure (Adam Lambert: "I'm homosexual. Deal with it.") But what a sad statement of our culture if THAT has become "fascinating."

I did enjoy the interviews with Tyler Perry and Jenny Sanford.

Beverly and I have gotten ready for work in the mornings enjoying the company of Good Morning America for at least a dozen years. All of a sudden, they are shaking up our world. A couple of months ago, they announced that Diane Sawyer was leaving to replace Charles Gibson as anchor of ABC News. I can deal with that, although Diane and Robin Roberts have a really cool working relationship.

But the real bombshell was dropped today. Chris Cuomo is being reassigned! Come on, folks! He absolutely makes the show! He has a great sense of humor, and a warm and compassionate side as well. He is an incredible example of a man who loves his wife and kids. What's with this?

Poor Robin. She is kind of left stranded. I'm already speculating as to who they will bring in. Perhaps George Stephanopoulos? Bill Weir? I like George, but I sure can't see him bringing the energy that Chris did. And no women come to mind. They will probably get someone from The View -- at which point I will either beg Beverly to change to The Today Show, or I will have to move to another bathroom.

UPDATE at 1 PM: I was reading the paper at lunch and it DID say that George Stephanopoulos would be Chris Cuomo's replacement. It also said that Juju Chang would join them at the news desk.

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Jeff said...

I saw Barbara Walters was on and immediately changed the channel. The MLB Winter Meetings were on MLB Network and I had a book to read.

You can always wake up with Mike and Mike on ESPN2. I used to be a GMA guy but don't see as much morning TV as I used to. I liked Diane and Robin and Chris and it will be hard to see new faces take their places.