Monday, December 07, 2009

College Football Recap

I cannot remember when I have ever watched three football games in one day, but I did Saturday. I nearly went 0-3. I was pulling for Pitt to upset Cincinnati, which would have helped TCU's standing. Pitt should have won the game. Cincinnati barely squeaked by because of a Pitt bobbled snap on an extra point. As a result, Cincinnati moved from 5th to 3rd in the national rankings (How does this happen?) -- leapfrogging TCU.

In the second game, Alabama embarrassed Florida. They looked really good, and their running back moved, Mark Ingram, probably moved to the forefront in the Heisman Trophy race. It was a sad way for Tim Tebow to finish his career.

Then Saturday night, Nebraska beat Texas in every way except the final score. I don't think Texas scored a point that was not aided by a Nebraska penalty. Even though I was hoping Texas would win, one of the penalties was a really poor call. But that's football. My Heisman favorite, Colt McCoy, did not do much to help his cause against one of the most dominating defensive performances I have ever seen.

In fact, in my humble opinion, the guy who deserves the Heisman this year is Ndamukong Suh, defensive lineman for Nebraska. This guy is an animal! Whoever gets him in this year's NFL draft is going to be blessed.

So, the national championship game will be Alabama-Texas. I will be pulling for the Longhorns, but from what I saw Saturday -- Alabama looks like the dominant team.


Anonymous said...

You remember my friend Tim (we played golf with him).. well, he graduated from Alabama. I asked him if he wanted to watch the game with me (HOOK'EM HORNS)and he said, "Well, I'll probably be AT the game." He didn't even offer me a ticket.

Jeff said...

I'm pulling for Texas but my expectations are not very high. Alabama looked dominant against Florida. If Texas can bring the offense they had against A&M and the defense they had against Nebraska (yes, I know Nebraska's offense is comparable to a 7th grade C team but work with me here), they may have hope.

I would prefer to see TCU play Florida instead of another mid-major that doesn't help solve the questions about how good they are.

Beverly Ross said...

I LOVE college football!

Josh Ross said...

SUH's a beast. The best defensive lineman I've seen at the college level.