Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unfortunate Information from Fort Hood

Well, my concerns about Nidal Malik Hasan are daily becoming more affirmed. This is definitely an issue that I wish I could not say, "I told you so." The tragedy is multiplied as we are discovering that the FBI has been onto him for quite some time. There HAS to be something that they can do in a preemptive way! I know their hands are tied until he actually does something. And I certainly don't want the United States to become a police state. Anyone have any answers?

Today the execution is set for John Allen Muhammad, who went on a killing spree in 2002 that left 10 confirmed dead -- and maybe as many as 17.

I am disturbed about this. As a nation, we think that if we just ignore the problem, it will go away. We did the same thing in World War 2 with Hitler.

Yet, if you study the Eastern world view of Muslims, it's not going away. They are very patient -- realizing that their goals may not be reached in their lifetimes. It's about what is best for the community.

Americans want to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. And we are SO into beating ourselves up right now (especially Christians). Sure, we have done some things poorly in history. The Crusades were an ugly chapter, but even those were ugly on both sides. The sad thing is that "Christians" ever became involved in a "Holy (?) War" in the 1st place.

Yet I challenge anyone to just look around the world. Who is primarily providing clean water and food and medical help to the poor? Christians. And where are the large majority of trouble-spots in the world today? In Islamic nations.

When Islam becomes the majority in a country, religious freedoms are denied. People of other religions are persecuted, tortured and/or killed. Citizens are repressed. Peace? It only happens in an Islamic nation if people become slaves to the repressors. I know of no exceptions.

I know this seems to be a huge issue with me. It is . . . and it isn't. I don't obsess about it. But when things in the news pop up, I do THINK about it. And I do want us to get our heads out of the sand.

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Art said...

Seems to me Islam is doing what it supposed to do, "living in hostility towards all it's brothers"