Monday, November 30, 2009

What's Up, Tiger? And Good Football

It has been an interesting sports weekend -- and we have a big one coming up, too.

What's with the Tiger Woods' story? It sounded far-fetched to me from the beginning. He is involved in a wreck in which the airbags did not even go off, and yet his wife has to break out the back window of his SUV to "rescue" him? Hey, I am as big a Tiger Woods fan as anybody, but come on!

Beverly keeps telling me we don't need the details. I wouldn't care so much if there was a more believable explanation.

The college football season is coming down to an exciting conclusion. However, it is leading to some waffling on my part. Here is my dilemma: I really like Colt McCoy, and would love to see Texas play for a national championship. But my oldest son is a HUGE Nebraska fan. And Texas and Nebraska play Saturday for the Big 12 championship. Who do I root for? Sorry, Josh -- but I will have to go with Texas in this one.

Then there is another really big game -- Florida and Alabama. I also really like Tim Tebow. But I don't like Florida. Is there any way he could quickly transfer to Nebraska? That might pull me over to them.

But the other factor involved here is that our area is suddenly TCU-fanatical. This has been a team that, for the last couple of years, has been building momentum. They are looking REALLY good, and they are a fun team to watch. So, as they sit at number 4, I am trying to figure out what it would take to get THEM into the national title game. My guess is that it would take a Texas loss to Nebraska, #5 Cincinnati losing this week, and Alabama losing (I don't know if Florida would drop far enough if they lost). It's a stretch -- but wouldn't that be exciting?

A lot will be decided this coming Saturday.

Finally, the most exciting game in the NFL yesterday played like a repeat of the national title game from several years ago. Matt Leinart got the start for the Arizona Cardinals as they played the Tennessee Titans. The Titans started 0-6 before putting Vince Young in at quarterback. They have since gone 5-0. Matt Leinart. Vince Young. Deja vu.

Leinart's team had the lead coming down to the closing minute. Young proceeded to take his team 90 yards for a winning touchdown. I'm wondering if Leinart was suffering from flashbacks during that time?

Fun stuff.


Jeff said...

Something's up with Tiger and I don't really care what it is but the talking heads do so I hope he comes clean just so they will shut up.

Texas, Texas, Texas. I like Josh and he seems like a fairly well-adjusted young man except for his Nebraska issue.

I would like to see TCU in the title game if they play Texas. Otherwise, I want to see them play 'Bama but I doubt that will happen.

I'm glad to see VY back and doing good stuff on the field.

Josh Ross said...

What happened to your "pull for the under-dog" philosophy?

michael gilchrist said...

Vince Young has had a complete 180 since his breakdown last season with the Titans. They have won 5 straight games and hopefully can take down the Colts on Sunday.