Friday, November 06, 2009

Tragedy at Fort Hood

What a tragedy yesterday at Fort Hood. 14 young, defenseless people massacred by a coward. Countless others wounded.

The bravery of people in these kinds of situations always amaze me. The ones who, in the midst of the barrage of bullets, made their way to block a door into an auditorium where a graduation ceremony was taking place. And the police officer who, only moments before had been directing traffic, but made her way into the carnage and shot the coward several times -- herself being wounded. Who knows how much worse the situation could have been?

Information is beginning to emerge about the shooter. A major in the US Army, he was a psychiatrist. He was getting ready to be deployed, and didn't want to go. Already, the media are attempting to explain what he did as a form of traumatic stress syndrome.

I will be interested to hear what his being a Muslim had to do with this event. Just before I left the house, a report said that his computer showed he had been discussing suicide bombings and other Islamic terrorist tactics. It did not say if his discussions were for or against. At this point, I am praying to God that I might withhold any judgment.

I am especially praying for the families and friends affected by this act.

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