Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Could I Get Used to It?

Last night Beverly and I went to a fundraiser at Vaquero Country Club. It was for an organization that my daughter volunteers for called "KidStand."

The food was INCREDIBLE! This is now the 3rd time I have been out to Vaquero, and each time I am blown away. I find it difficult to allow myself to be waited on the way they do.

A part of my flesh craves that -- even envies it. I try to imagine what it would be like to actually be a member there. Gorgeous golf course. Nicest staff ever. EVERYTHING is done for you -- short of actually swinging the golf club. And to be able, even on a cool night, to sit outside on the veranda with an open-pit fire warming you -- staring at an awesome full moon as it rises. Can life be any better?

It makes me almost wish in reincarnation. That way I could say to myself, "Maybe in another life." Don't get uptight. My spirit-filled side kicks in about here -- bringing me back to the reality of how good I have it in Jesus. But still . . .


Jeff said...

This is an area I wrestle with more and more but haven't found peace with my answers. I think I enjoy the "good life" far too much when I need to be experiencing the "God life" more and more.

While I enjoy eating at Del Frisco's and going to places like Vaquero, I wonder how often Jesus would frequent those places. I guess I am spending more time examining what I really want and where my heart is with God based on what it is I want to enjoy and do.

kaw said...

Even though many were talking about poor state of our country on election day, watching the moon rise last night as I finished up some outside chores just reminded me how blest we really are to live in this country at this time.