Friday, April 03, 2009

What a Tragedy

My heart goes out to the family of slain Bridgeport Police Sgt. Randy White. Senseless! A man known to local police was involved in a hit-and-run accident on HWY 287, fled the scene, abandoned his pickup and stole an SUV. The officer was pulling people over to get them out of the way of the chase, when the criminal rear-ended him -- ramming his squad car into a tractor-trailer and killing him.

White, 32, leaves a wife and 5 year old.

Beverly and I are not keeping up with American Idol like we have in the past.  We usually fast-forward through "elimination night" on Wednesday after church.  But my favorites are (sentimental favorite) Danny and Kris.  Adam is a weird dude!  But I think he might win it.

I think the best reality show on TV right now might be "The Haney Project."  It is on the Golf Channel.  Hank Haney (Tiger Woods' instructor) has taken on the challenge of changing Charles Barkley's swing.  If you have never seen this guy swing a golf club, go to Youtube and enter his name and have a laugh.  This show is FUNNY!  And much of it is filmed at Vaquero in Westlake.  

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Jonathan said...

you are right...this show is hilarious. the best is hearing hank's comments underneath is breath. probably what you sound like when you play with me.