Friday, April 10, 2009

9 Years of "Grampy-ing" and Sports Records

Nine years ago today, my identity was changed forever.  I became "Grampy."  I will never forget how special that day was.  And my nine-year old granddaughter is blossoming into a beautiful person -- physically, but also in heart.  She is SO kind and loving, and I am proud to be her "Grampy."  

In the intervening years, I have become Grampy three more times -- with another one on the way.  These are rewarding days.

Happy birthday, Malaya!  I hope you have a fun day.

When I was a late-teen to young man, Jack Nicklaus was setting the bar for major wins.  When he reached 18, it seemed he had set a goal that would never be broken.  After all, the closest to him in the modern era had been Gary Player with 9.

But who would have predicted Tiger Woods?  At age 33, he is entering a golfer's prime -- and already has 14.  I still don't think it is a given that he will break Jack's record.  There are finally some young guys coming up that I believe will rival him.  Due to his knee injury, he missed a great window of opportunity last year -- with both the British Open and PGA at two courses to his liking.  But chances are, Jack's record will fall.

So what sports records are untouchable?  Well, I would say Cy Young's 511 wins and Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak would be there.  Maybe Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points in one game.  Byron Nelson's 11 game win streak seems pretty safe to me.  Jerry Rice's career touchdowns?   

Any others?


Jeff said...

The number of TO's stupid comments.

The number of Jerry's egocentric decisions.

Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction here.

Jonathan said...

wilt's 100 is certainly untouchable. so is joe dimaggio's. the celtics winning 33 straight games too.