Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well, it went from an incredible Masters to a train wreck in a matter of minutes.  I started off thinking Tiger would win it again.  After Friday, I was pulling for Kenny Perry.  After Saturday, I'm still thinking Perry.  Halfway through Sunday, I'm thinking Tiger or Phil might take it.  Then they faded, so I was back to pulling for Perry.

Two holes left.  Two shot lead.  I'm thinking, "This is great.  The 'old man' is going to win a major.  Fellow Church of Christ guy.  Considered the kindest, nicest guy on tour.  Good for him."  But then he choked.

So, a three-man playoff.  In my mind, I'm thinking, "OK, I'm pulling for Perry.  But it would be OK if Campbell wins.  Just please, not Cabrera."

Winner?  Cabrera.

This guy is from Argentina, and does a lot of good things in his country.  He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  But I just have a problem with a guy who never wins anything else -- yet now has two majors.  It just seems flukey to me.  But obviously, it involves more than that.

I am thankful today for the safe rescue of the ship captain who was taken hostage by pirates.  What an ordeal that must have been!

And did you see the story about the woman who jumped into the polar bear exhibit at a zoo in Germany because she wanted to go swimming?  She was mauled and bitten, but was lucky to escape with her life.  Jack Hanna said apparently the bears were just toying with her, because they could have ripped her apart in seconds.

Of course in our "victim-mentality" age, the zoo is being called into question.  ENOUGH!  The lady had to climb two tall barriers to get into that enclosure!  The zoo had taken all the precautions necessary.  At some point, individuals must be held responsible for their actions!  She needs to spend some serious jail time.       


Jeff said...

I was a little surprised Obama let the snipers take out the pirates. Now the pirates say they will strike back. I guess they didn't see the size of the guns on the Navy boats.

I was pulling for Phil but hoped Perry would hang on.

randy said...

One can hardly fail to rescue an American from pirates just because the pirates say they don't like it.