Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Long Tenure for Preachers

An old adage about tenure of ministers goes something like this:

The first two years, you can do nothing wrong.
The second two years, you can do nothing right.
The third two years, something gives.
The seventh year, your best ministry begins.

I will soon be beginning my 5th year of serving the Decatur Church of Christ, and I still feel like I am in the 1st stage.  All studies suggest that the adage is especially true when it comes to long tenures of preachers (hint, hint).

Why?  According to Lynn Anderson, several factors contribute to this.  But to name a few:
- Rapport: Time gives an observant minister rapport with the community.
- Credibility: Credibility enhances as people see their minister love and care for them over the long haul.
- Bonding: Powerful feelings flow between church and minister that only time can generate.
- Access: Long-term ministry opens enormous access into people’s lives.

(This ad is paid for by the Rick Ross for long tenure campaign.  I endorse this message)


Josh Ross said...

I hope that your post doesn't persuade the people in Decatur to treat you differently. :)
They might be thinking, "Oh man...we're supposed to be treating this guy like he can't do anything right!"

Rick Ross said...

Dude! I hadn't thought of that!

Jeff said...

I didn't want to say anything but...

Sign me up for the long tenure campaign. I'm all for it. I still see God's hand at work in bringing the Ross family and the Decatur church together.

Jonathan said...

i am glad you and mom have found this place.