Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pirates? and the Last Supper

I see this morning that pirates have seized a ship with 20 Americans on board.  Pirates?  What is the deal with this all of a sudden.  In the last year, it has suddenly become dangerous for international ships to sail.  Something about that seems archaic.

I know it's not the reality of the situation, but I picture Johnny Depp or some peg-legged guy with a parrot on his shoulder stepping off a boat with a skull-and-crossbones flag -- boarding a ship with a black-powder pistol.   

The Last Supper:  Nearly two thousand years ago today (or tomorrow, depending on your understanding of Scripture), Jesus sat down with His disciples in the upper room for that meal.  He washed their feet and told them about the betrayer.  He was in anguish as He considered what lay before Him.  It must have been a heavy night.  I want to live with that for the next couple of days.  What were those days like for His followers?  Of course, we know the story has a perfect ending.  But they didn't.   

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