Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Is The Right Answer?

I heard an interesting story this morning.  Occasionally a story like this comes along, and I don't know for sure what the right thing to do is.  Easy answers are not always the best answers.

It seems that a preacher and father of 5 children has taken into his house a man who served many years for killing a 12 year old boy.  The man has been a Christ-follower now for 16 years, and his record has been unblemished.  He was recently released from prison.  The preacher felt like it was the Christlike thing to do to give this man a second chance.  I admire that.  And yet, I wonder about bringing the man into his home with his 5 children.

But the neighbors are outraged.  They are holding demonstrations in front of the preacher's house.  They are afraid to let their children play outside.  One mother said her daughter cannot go to sleep at night until the mother checks every room and closet.  The people are living in fear.  And to some degree, I can understand that.

One lady said, "There are other people who are more deserving of 2nd chances."  Huh?

Another woman said, "People don't change."  So much for the gospel.

Still another said that people with criminal minds just don't become Christians.

So, what would YOU do? 


Jeff said...

I don't think I could bring him into my house to live. Is that a lack of faith? I don't know but I can't imagine doing that with a 12 and 14 year old.

I think it's awesome the preacher wants to help him and don't fault him for doing what he thinks is right. I understand the neighbor's concern but their attitude is exactly what satan wants us to exhibit.

Kyle R. said...

It's a judgment call-- a matter of personal opinion-- scruples.

It's hard to say what I would do, not knowing the man in question or the specific circumstances, but I don't think I would personally feel comfortable with him in my house with my family.

Having said that, if my family and I did decide to have him in our house, I believe it is a must for the family to defend their decision and the power of Jesus to change sinners--even murderers. It seems to me that is what this preacher is doing. The preacher is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. He is putting his faith on the line. And I hope he and his family are blessed for doing so.

One man has great faith to do such things. One man has weaker faith. One man has no faith-- he is an unbeliever.

As far as the neighbors go, it is understandable-- their reaction. They have a right to protest. Just as much right as the preacher does to harbor a former felon.

I hope the neighbors are proved dreadfully wrong and the power of Christ is revealed to them because of this situation.