Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Tribute to Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey passed away on Saturday.  I have such fond memories of this man.  No news person could do radio like him.

My earliest memory of Harvey was one summer day (I may have been 10) when I accompanied my dad as we drove a through Mississippi on a couple of calls he had to make.  I had brought along a book to read while I waited in the car.  As we were driving along, "Paul Harvey News" came on.  And I was hooked! 

In 5th grade, my teacher would have us listen every day to Paul Harvey, and she would then give us a pop test.  Many of the kids hated that 15 minutes.  But I loved it.  One day, the teacher said she had to go to the lounge for a few minutes, but we were to be quiet and listen to the news.  Well, no one did.  She had actually tricked us.  She went to the office, listened to the radio there -- and came back and gave us a test.

Harvey could tell a story that would make you feel like you were there.  His "Rest of the Story" was broadcasting brilliance.  His faith and patriotism inspired.

"Hello, America.  This is Paul Harvey . . . Stand by for news!"  "Now page two."  Paaaaaul Harvey -- good day."  I can hear his voice in those lines.  He will be missed.          


Anonymous said...

He was an amazing person. He was never shy about professing his faith. For this reason and more, this world needs more Paul Harvey's.

Jeff said...

I haven't heard him much in years but enjoyed it when I did. My dad was mentioned in one of his broadcasts several years ago. If I remember the story right, a customer wrote to Harvey about something my dad had done for him. I wish I could find an archived copy of it.