Thursday, March 05, 2009

T. O. and the Bail-out

I guess my recent words about being an EX-Cowboy fan have gotten Jerry Jones' attention (yeah, right).  He did take one step back toward legitimacy by getting rid of T. O.  Last year's tantrum during a crucial stretch in the season may have proven to be fatal to the team.

I truly hope the bail-out package works.  Rooting for its failure seems to be like the old saying, "Cutting off your nose to spite your face."  America (and the world) is hurting right now, and hoping for the bail-out's failure so that one party can gain later just seems sick.  That party had a chance to do a lot over the last 8 years, and squandered it.  So, lick your wounds and come back stronger and with an attitude that will help America, and not just the party.

Sure, there are things in the bail-out that I don't particularly like.  I have a lot of trouble with this idea of helping people stay in houses that they couldn't afford to begin with.  So they got loans for much more house than they could afford -- loans that allowed them to pay only the interest.  Now the housing market has dropped -- and they are upside down in their house.  A house that they NEVER should have bought to begin with!      


Jeff said...

I'm no fan of the bailout because our kid's kids and their kids will be paying for it...or suffering the price we should be paying. The government and greedy corporations got us into the mess...they are the one who allowed people who couldn't afford a house to get financing for it...are the same group acting like they will pull us out of it.

I expect an uptick in the economy followed by another crash that will be devastating. I hope I'm very, very wrong.

Anonymous said...

For the less controversial statement: T.O. is gone. PacMan is gone. Tank Johnson is gone. Now if only Jones would sell the team!

On to the controversy:
I haven't heard anyone say they want the bail-out to fail. I'm not for the bailout. I would prefer the market to adjust. But if we're going to do it, I hope it works.

You may be quoting someone else, but if you're referencing Limbaugh's statement, then it's not complete. He said he hopes Obama fails in taking us toward socialism. I do too. Unfortunately soundbites are taken out of context.

Josh Ross said...

I'm going against the grain here, but I think the Cowboys should have kept TO.

I'm glad that John clarified the context of Limbaugh's statement.

Unfortunately, there are many who want Obama to fail, and it's extremely sad.

Josh Ross said...

Dude, write a new post!!!