Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Jesus Creed

I'm reading a book right now entitled The Jesus Creed, by Scot McKnight.  It is a really good read.  He shows how Jesus took the Shema (Jewish creed found in Deut. 6: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind") and reshaped it into His own creed.  While keeping the emphasis upon the Shema, Jesus showed how loving God necessitates loving people as well ("and love your neighbor as yourself").  His life was the living out of this creed -- which He calls His followers to join Him in.

The book moves through passages and New Testament characters -- showing how this "creed" played out.  In one chapter, McKnight shows how Joseph put his reputation on the line by being faithful to God.  As a follower of Torah, it would have been proper for him to put Mary away -- or even have her punished.  But what would become "the Jesus Creed" called him to a higher way.

Here is a quote:  
"Sometimes the implication of listening to the voice of God is that we ruin our reputation in the public square. Loving God, as the Jesus Creed teaches, involves surrendering ourselves to God in heart, soul, mind, strength -- and reputation.  The minute we turn exclusively to the Lord to find our true identity is the day reputation dies.  We learn, as Thomas a Kempis puts it, that when you surrender your reputation, "you won't care a fig for the wagglings of ten thousand tongues."        

Good stuff!

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Jeff said...

Tough stuff. It's hard to put away my pride and concern for how others see me. I know the reward for doing it but it's still tough.