Friday, March 27, 2009

Stories on the Internet

I received an email this morning regarding a petition to stop a hearing before the Federal Communications Commission to outlaw all reading of Scripture on television.  Petitions like this have been circulating since the days of Madilyn Murray O'Hair.  Yet, there are no such hearings or pending legislations.

In the most recent one, it mentioned that this would remove Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers and Joel Olsteen from television.  If the reading of Scripture would remove people from TV, Stanley and Meyers would certainly be out.  But Olsteen would be safe (just kidding, kind of).

With the internet comes constant stories meant to instill fear in people.  Anyone can make up anything, and send it round the world on the internet.  Last week, it was the gang initiation in which 3 people would be killed at Walmart.  There are constant political emails spreading rumors and lies.

PLEASE:  I encourage you to check out stories.  Most anything you receive of this nature can be checked for voracity at  As Christians who are not to take part in rumor-mongering and the spreading of gossip, we are obligated to be people of TRUTH.  Our truthfulness is put into question when we take part in rumors.     

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