Monday, March 30, 2009

Decatur: The WIndy City

I'm thinking about going into wind turbine generator sales.  My goodness, the wind has been blowing here in recent months!  Kite flyers would love it in Wise County.  Today:  Gusts over 40.

I have been humored by folks who have been saying that Tiger Woods is not the same since his knee surgery.  After all, he lost in the 2nd match of his return in the World Match Play championship.  And he could only make the top ten in his 2nd tournament at Doral.  Well, yesterday, he started the day 5 back of Sean O'Hair.  Guess who won?  Yeah, buddy.  It took him three whole tournaments to return to the winner's circle.  

Next stop:  Augusta and the Masters.

I would agree with the critics that Tiger is not the same.  He looks like he has been pumping iron.  And his swing looks as if it is much more controlled (less stress on the reconstructed knee).

I felt sad for the Dallas Police Department, as they made national news this morning because one officer with "Barney Fife syndrome" decided to throw his weight around.  You have probably heard the story.  A Houston Texan football player was on the way to the hospital with his wife.  Her mother was about to die.  The officer pulled them over in the hospital parking lot and detained them for over 30 minutes.  The football player was pleading with him to let them go.  He told him to write a ticket, but please allow them to go to her mother.   Finally, the wife left -- and the officer pulled a gun on her.  Other officers were telling him to let them go. Hospital staff came out and pled for him to release them.  Meanwhile, the mother died.

By the way, this is not one of those "he said, she said" things.  The whole incident was captured on the officer's camera.  It is heartbreaking as you can hear this couple pleading with him to allow them to go to her mother.  

This morning I read in the paper that a current Dallas Cowboy said this same officer had pulled his wife over, handcuffed her and taken her in for a traffic violation.

It's a shame that the whole Dallas Police Department receives a black eye because of someone like this.  He has been put on leave for a while.  I think he might need to find another line of work -- hopefully away from the public.          


Jeff said...

It's crazy what a badge and a gun can do to some people. I hope the officer learns a great deal from this incident and uses it for good in the future.

Tiger healed = everyone playing for second place.

randy said...

One summer when I was about 18 or so I returned home from driving my laundry route to be told by my sister that my dad had been dragged by a steer he had roped and rushed to an OKC hospital with a broken neck. We got in my car and headed for the hospital about 110 miles from Elk City. Along about El Reno, the highway patrolman pulled me over to ask why I was doing 90 MPH plus on I-40. I told him my story and he told me to slow down to the speed limit and go on. Anyway, back in the day some law officers did the right thing and I imagine most do today.

Josh Ross said...

Tiger is a freak!

That is a sad story. There will always be those who abuse power.