Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sermons On Line

Recently I have been asked with more frequency if my sermons are on line.  I can now say yes -- thanks to Mark Archer and Heather Baker.  If you go to our church website ( and click on the link on the left that says "media downloads" -- you can then either listen directly on line or you can download to Itunes.  Thanks to Mark and Heather for working to make this possible.

From the way the weather forecasters are talking, we may be in for some severe weather on Saturday as Ike makes its way through north Texas.  Beverly and I will be headed back from Memphis at that time.  Please pray for safe travel for us.

Did you hear about the lady who left her camera at a restaurant, and when she went back to get it -- it was gone?  The report was on GMA on Tuesday morning.  Someone had stolen the camera.  

Well, it just so happened that her camera had a feature where it periodically downloads to her computer any pictures that have been taken.  So a couple of days later, her pictures downloaded.  There were all her pictures of her kids, etc.  And there were pictures of the person who had stolen the camera.

She decided to take a stab at finding him.  So she called the restaurant and sent them the picture to see if anyone might recognize the person.  It was the Head Waiter at the restaurant!

She got her camera back, and decided to not press charges.  However, Mr. Head Waiter-Thief was fired.        


rgolf48 said...

Want more sermons?
We just recently started posting our sermons (and powerpoint) online.

Thanks for the free advertising. I will check out your sermons.

Jeff said...

Cool. I have hoped we would have the ability for some time and glad smart people have figured it out.

Kyle R. said...

When we lived in San Antonio, our apratment was broken in to. We ended up getting all our stuff back, including our camera, guess who we had pictures of?

Josh Ross said...

Awesome! Your sermons need to be heard.