Monday, September 01, 2008

Good morning, Class

Happy Labor Day!

Observations about the upcoming Presidential election:
There will be a number of 1st for me in this election no matter who wins. For one, this is the first time that the winning ticket will have someone on it that is younger than I am. Both Obama and Palin fit that bill.

For another, this is the first time in American history that the winning ticket will have an African-American or a woman on it -- regardless of who wins.

This isn't a first in history, but it will be a first for many of you: There has not been a senator elected as president since LBJ. We tend to go for governors more than senators. Gerald Ford was a Representative and Bush, Sr. had been an ambassador and held other appointed offices. Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush, Jr. -- all Governors.

So that is your political science lesson for today. Class dismissed.


Anonymous said...

If I may, Nixon was never a governor. He lost the election. He was actually a senator when he was appointed V.P. by Eisenhower.

Rick Ross said...

You are right! I was thinking of the time he lost the governor's race in California when he said, "You will never have Richard Nixon to kick around again."

Beverly Ross said...

Cool stuff! I love all the first of this election. I love watching history in the making!