Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Plans

Today Beverly and I are headed to Houston where I will speak tonight at the Bammel Road Church of Christ.  My son Jonathan is one of the ministers there.  Tomorrow he and I plan to play golf before we return home tomorrow night.  It's a tough assignment -- having to go get some sugars from two of my grandkids, so pray for me:) 

Right now my mind is thinking ahead to upcoming events.  As I get older, I try not to do that as much as I used to -- wishing away time because of something I would be looking forward to.  But Beverly and I are going to a marriage conference in three weeks -- in San Francisco.  I will attend a few sessions, but she will be in sessions all day.  I am really going on a week's vacation / sabbatical.  I plan to do a lot of reading, sightseeing and refocusing.

Then a few weeks later, we are headed to Alaska for a cruise.  I have been getting packets from the cruise line, and it makes me all the more excited.  Many of the excursions look so interesting -- but I would need to get a 2nd mortgage to do them.  But I would really love to go on an Orca watch.  I may splurge for that one.

Lord, help me not to waste one day, but stay in the present -- even as I get excited about the future.  


Jeff said...

I'm excited for you but with you on the idea of living out today before I get too excited about tomorrow.

I pray you have safe travel today and a great opportunity tonight.

Rick Ross said...

I forgot to mention: I had an offer to get to play Pebble Beach while we are in San Fran. All it would cost is $550. I think I will settle for playing it on my Tiger Woods' computer game.

Beverly Ross said...

Rick, it was $525 - so why not????

Shannon said...


I just had a couple return from a cruise of Alaska and they loved it. They loved seeing the whales. When I have the opportunity to take Danna the whales are a must. Save the golf money and see the whales.