Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing God

The Cowboys have been a little unsure of themselves at running back.  So, I bet Jerry Jones is licking his chops this morning with the news that Cedric ("I know some people think drinking and driving is wrong; but I haven't broken any laws") Benson has been cut by the Bears.  He would fit in perfectly with Jones' collection of characters.

Here's more from "Disappointment with God":  

From Time, July 23, 1984:  "It was an unholy coincidence that many took to be divine retribution.  Two weeks ago, canon David Jenkins, 59, who had publicly asserted that neither the Virgin birth nor the Resurrection need be taken too literally, was formally consecrated as Bishop of Durham . . . Less than three days later, in the early hours of the morning, lightning forked down on the wooden roof of the minster's 13th century south transept . . . Jenkins' detractors lost no time in claiming that their views had been vindicated . . ."

Yancey then observes:  "The problem with the York Minster lightning bolt, of course, is that it stands as such an exception.  So fire from the heavens hits a famous church -- what about all the Unitarian churches that brashly deny orthodox Christian doctrines, not to mention the Muslim mosques and Hindu temples?  Why should David Jenkins provoke divine wrath when the outright blasphemer Bertrand Russell lived unpunished into cranky old age?  If God consistently sent lightning bolts in response to bad doctrine, our planet would sparkle nightly like a Christmas tree." 

I have thought the same thing when people want to say that God punished New Orleans with Katrina and Muslims with the tsunami.  So what was the punishment against the Decatur Church of Christ building for when it was destroyed by a tornado in October 2001?  We sure need to be careful when we start pretending to play God. 


Beverly Ross said...

I am loving hearing quotes from this book! Great read!

Jeff said...

I have started reading my first Yancey book and have enjoyed his style and thoughts. I'll have to go to the book you are reading next as it seems to address topics on my mind.