Friday, June 13, 2008

Lessons from a Doe, a Deer

Yesterday morning, Jonathan and I played golf in Houston.  We had a great time together. When we reached the 18th tee, we looked up to see a deer running across the fairway.  Mind you, this is not out in the country!  It's in Spring, Texas -- pretty much surrounded by houses!  I felt sorry for the deer.  She crossed the fairway, looked around, and ran back.  You could sense the panic in her.  Then she repeated the process again.  Finally, she found a little bit of undergrowth and disappeared.

I have thought about that several times since.  The feeling of helplessness -- being in a place you don't belong and looking for a place of safety.  I feel like that at times, too.  But I realize that while I long to be home with the Father, I have been placed here not to run around in fear and confusion -- but to bring the Kingdom of God into a fearful and confused world.

Tiger survived yesterday.  Only 4 back.  Phil's only three back.  Just about where they want to be.  I am still wondering if Tiger's knee is going to hold up.

How about the Celtics last night?  I know that many of you are not for that Eastern division team.  But as I said in an earlier blog, I can't stand the Lakers:  Guru Phil Jackson, Kobe (keep the women inside) Bryant, Jack Nicholson and the whole Hollywood ("We are actors, so that makes us experts on every subject") scene.  So I would consider being for the Iranian team if they were playing the Lakers.

Here's hoping the Celtics wrap it up in 5.  What a turnaround! 


Jeff said...

I have been surprised by the Celtics but glad to see them doing well. I'm not a Lakers fan at all so I'll be happy if the Celtics pull it off.

rgolf48 said...

I'm back from camp. I am for the Celtics. I love Doc Rivers (I used to go to Magic games regularly) and respect Kevin Garnett.