Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get Well Soon, Tiger

Somehow Tiger managed to pull it out again.  I think half the trophy should be given to Rocco.  What a bulldog!  And what a nice guy.

Tiger has said he will be away from golf indefinitely because of his knee.  What in the world does that mean?  I would hate to see him not play in the British Open next month, or the PGA in August.  And certainly, he has to play in the Ryder Cup in September.

Yesterday my son, Josh, left a reply saying "Props to Romo."  I am assuming either he meant "Rocco" or he is referring to the challenge that Tiger issued last year after the U. S. Open at Oakmont.  He said that a 10 handicapper could not break 100 on a U. S. Open course.  So, Golf Digest got together a foursome -- Tony Romo (scratch golfer -- 10 better than Tiger's comment), Matt Lauer (8 handicapper), Justin Timberlake (6 handicapper) and one guy who was chosen from thousands across the country (12 handicapper).

The media has acted like Tiger was proven wrong.  Romo shot 84 -- 13 stroked higher than his average score.  Lauer -- remember, an 8 handicap -- shot 100.  Timberlake, a 6 handicap, shot 98.  The other guy shot over 110.  Sounds to me like Tiger's assessment was right on.  It also reminds me of just how much better those pros are than I -- a 5 handicapper.

I get my car back today!  It has been in the body shop after a fender bender a month ago.  I have been driving a loaner pickup.  Whew!  You can watch the gas gauge move just by starting it.    


rgolf48 said...

I heard Tiger's interview. I just can't believe he would miss any major. He my not play before then, but I look for him to play in Europe.

Josh Ross said...

He'll be back!

Yes, I meant Romo...Tony Romo...Jessica's husband. :)

Jonathan said...

tiger was faking it. he will be at the british open limping around and will win that as well. before anyone gets upset about the preceding comment, that it is a joke.