Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Battle

The media was falling all over itself yesterday as it reported on California's 1st day of homosexual "marriage."  Every news source I turned to was all over the story.

Calling this "marriage" does not make it marriage any more than calling me Tiger Woods makes me so.  Words have meanings, and the meaning of marriage goes back to Genesis 2: 24:  "For this reason a MAN shall leave his father and mother and be united to his WIFE, and the two will become one flesh."  

However, there is good that comes out of anything -- if we just look for it.  I hate the sin of homosexuality.  I also hate the sin of marital unfaithfulness, and the sin of cohabitation.  I hate the sin of greed.  I hate the sin of materialism (ouch.  Now it's getting personal).  I confess:  I used to have trouble separating hatred for sin from hatred for the person.  I am not saying I am over that now.  But I did find myself praying this morning for God to allow homosexuals to see past the hatred of "Christians" -- and find healing for their wounds in Jesus.  So one positive is that God is breaking down my hard heart.

I see a paradox at work here.  We Christians believe homosexuality to be an abomination.  After all, that is what God called it.  Yet because of our poor history in being so slow to fight against racism, we have supplied homosexuals with their greatest political tool.  They are claiming to be fighting for their "civil rights."  And they are saying that the church opposes them today just as it opposed Blacks -- denying them their rights years ago.  So here we sit with egg on our faces.  

Sure, it isn't the same argument.  Scripture would be adamantly opposed to racism -- even though many adherents were not.  The same argument cannot be made about homosexuality.  In fact, Scripture uses some of its strongest language in opposition of this sin.

Let us pray that God can break through to the heart of the homosexual.  And I want to pray that I will be Jesus to him or her -- the Jesus of John 4 and John 8.  Boy, do I have to battle my flesh on this one.       


Jonathan said...

thanks for the honesty dad.

Josh Ross said...

Well put