Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Will Smith

Yesterday, my brother said he tried to post a comment to my blog and it didn't accept it. I hope that hasn't been the case for the thousands of you out there who contribute to the discussion here (that's a joke, by the way). I don't know what happened, and have checked my settings. Hopefully it was just a May 27th glitch.

I have always liked WIll Smith. Not to the level my son Josh does, but I do like him. Now I like him more. Listen to this piece that was on the Smart Marriages website:

Will Smith has found the perfect way to keep a marriage on track - rule out divorce.

The movie star has been married to actress wife Jada Pinkett Smith for a decade and insists they'll never split because divorce isn't an option for them.

He explains: "Divorce can't be an option - it's really that simple. If you just remove the option because, if you have the option, one day that person's gonna make you wanna divorce.

"That's been a huge part of the success for she (Pinkett Smith) and I...We're like, 'Listen, we're gonna be together one way or the other so might as well try and be happy."

Good advice, Will.


Josh Ross said...

Rick, I've never been more proud of you than I am today. :)

randy said...

If we went into marriage with that attitude, then perhaps the seriousness of the union would be more seriously taken.

Anonymous said...

Sadly for their children one of the ways they stay married is by sleeping with other people.