Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I've always tended to work out in the afternoons, I guess because I tend to sleep as late as I can in the morning -- giving me just enough time to get ready, eat a bite and get to work. But this morning I went running. It felt really good. Since the afternoons are now into the mid 90's, it just makes more sense to run when it's in the 70s. So, I may change my routine a bit.

The Colonial could not have asked for a better script. Phil Mickelson hit an unbelievable shot out of certain doom to within 9 feet on the last hole, and then sunk it for a win. I loved the guy in the background doing a cannonball about the time the putt went in the hole. My guess is that will become a ritual by next year.

Beverly and I really enjoyed our day at Colonial Friday. It is such a pretty place, with huge pecan trees providing ample shade throughout. I did not remember, from my past experiences there,being able to get so close to the players. There was several times that I was able to stand within 10 feet of Phil.

Enjoy your Memorial Day. Take a moment to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Go on line and read about D-Day or Iwo Jima. Or rent "Saving Private Ryan." I cannot even relate to the bravery shown by so many. We owe so much to them.

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Jeff said...

I almost got hit by one of Phil's shots at the Byron Nelson a few years ago. His ball landed within 5 feet of me and then I was standing next to him as he lined up where he was going to hit it. Being a left handed golfer myself (or I should say club holder because I'm not really a golfer), Phil's my favorite.