Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Tribute to May

May is perhaps the busiest month of the year. I graduated from high school and college in May. Many weddings are in May, as was my oldest son's and his wife's (6 years ago last Sunday). Lots of endings come in May.

My father passed away in May, 1996. We buried my father-in-law this May. My youngest grandson was born in May, 2007.

For our church, May means Mother's Day, Children's Place graduation (tomorrow night). Senior Sunday and Memorial Day.

So May is a paradoxical month. A time of change. School comes to an end. Huge life changes for seniors. But May is also about fresh starts. Everything seems to be at its greenest and most colorful in May.

I don't know that it's my favorite month -- because I love the Fall, too. But I like May.

How about you?


Josh Ross said...

NBA Playoffs.
MLB is just getting started.
No College Football.

I'll have to take the end of October and beginning of November.
-College Football is in full swing. The BCS picture is becoming more clear.
-MLB playoffs and World Series.
-NBA is just starting up.
-10-11 games into NFL.

Anonymous said...

From a Florida perspective:
1. In May green fees drop but they go up in October.
2. In May our church attendance drops dramatically, but in the fall it rises!
3. Both May and October are hot.
4. May is the beginning of our rainy season, and we need it!

Kyle R. said...

November is tops for me.

Jeff said...

I like April better than May and October/November/December is my favorite stretch. I don't like July and August weather but July ranks high because of my annual trek to Colorado. I was married in September and had children in June and August so those have special meanings. I tried to figure out how I would rank them but can't come to an easy conclusion.

randy said...

Turkey season ends and toward the end of the month the new crop of prairie dogs start to come out into the world.