Friday, May 16, 2008

Kingdom Difference

I've been ill at home for a couple of days, so I have been out of Bloggerville. After going to the doctor yesterday, I am doing much better today -- so far.

I read this morning that the California Supreme Court has ruled against a state law banning homosexual marriage. This and similar issues are difficult ones for me. I believe that God only sanctions marriage between a man and a woman. In fact, that would be the definition of marriage.

However, the libertarian in me says that government legislation on moral issues is inconsistent at best -- as well as useless. Maybe I am just trying to prepare for the inevitable, because I believe our nation will soon allow homosexual marriage. But the legislating of morals has never worked. In early America, adultery was against the law. Can you imagine that today? What would happen to our workforce if every adulterer was in prison? Obviously, prohibition was a huge failure.

I think the answer to the above issues is found in this: If homosexual marriage is allowed, it will provide Christians with an opportunity to show the world the difference that living in a God-honoring way can make. We have not done well in recent years with that, since the Christian divorce rate is pretty much identical to our cultures. But we are to be an upside-down kingdom -- living vastly different from the world. And here will be an opportunity to be salt to the decaying and light in the darkness.


Kyle R. said...

I agree, morality can never be legislated. The God proved that through the Israelites. But there's just something about homosexuality and a society's acceptance of it that really rubs me wrong. Not that homosexuality is any worse of a sin than adultery (sin is sin), but it's just such a perversion from the created order.

And I know that I need the blood of Jesus to take away my sin just as much as those trapped and confused by homosexuality. But here's the differnence to me: I recognize that I need Jesus to take my sin away; homosexuals generally are on a crusade to justify their choice. That's c-h-o-i-c-e.

To me, that five letter word-- choice is how we are to be salt and light. I choose to follow Jesus and do my best to obey his teaching.

Kyle R. said...

oops-- choice has six letters!:)

Jeff said...

Maybe when our government gets out of the morality legislation business, Christians will have to ACT. For me, I think it is easier to say "the law forbids homosexual marriage" instead of me having to deal with it as a Christian.

In fact, my thinking has gone from enacting laws to wondering if all this opposition to God's desire doesn't signal the speed of the second coming. Then again, that may just be wishful thinking on my part so, again, I won't have to face a sinful world.

Glad you are feeling better.