Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Great Quote

Good discussions on recent blogs!

I love our youth ministry couple -- Jacob and Heather Baker. They are soooo cool! What a blessing they are to our church.

Yesterday after reading my blog, Jacob came into my office to share a quote with me that he had heard from professors at Harding. I wish he would have written it as a response to my blog, but Jacob is real shy:) Anyway, it is one of the best quotes! Here it is:

"What you win them with is what you will win them to." THAT says a lot!


So, T.O's dropped passes (a couple of more on Sunday night) are his teammates' fault because they haven't been supportive enough of him? (Wait, I have to grab a kleenex.) And he says that right now in games he is just showing up and going through the motions? I hear people defend him by saying everything he says gets overly scrutinized. If most other players said stuff like this -- they would be cut.

Remember those "Leon" commercials from a few years ago? They were hilarious because they seemed so exaggerated. But T.O. is actually saying "Leon" type things!


Jeff said...

Our family is truly blessed by Heather and Jacob and I am so thankful they are in Decatur. They are incredible examples of a servant-first mentality and incredible examples for me.

Kyle R. said...

We love Jacob and Heather. We are truly blessed.


I say to T.O.: Go find your friend Vanderjaght.

Wouldn't it be great if the Cowboys could pull off one of those "10 players for one big name player trades" like they did several years back with the Herschel Walker deal.

I don't know if there's anybody in the league that gullible these days, though-- especially for T.O. I guess once Jerry Jones is willing to pick up someone (or scrape the bottom of the NFL barrell) like T.O., who else would?

jross said...

Jacob and Heather sound great. You are blessed to have such people.

Concerning T.O. - he's got to go! I am disappointed in Irvin for providing a platform for T.O., and actually offering sympathy. Then again, Irvin wasn't exactly an outstanding citizen either.