Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Songs

Hard to believe that Christmas is in only 12 days! Beverly and I have not done any shopping, so we plan on hitting it hard this weekend. It is not crucial that we be finished by Christmas day, since all the kids will be at their in-laws this year. We won't actually "do Christmas" until early January.

I talked last year about how my least favorite Christmas song is "The Little Drummer Boy." It is amazing how many people I talk to who don't really care for Christmas music at all. There are songs I like. But most of them that we hear any more are the secular ones. I think my favorite is "O Holy Night." I heard Pavoratti (sp?) sing it many years ago on TV, and it gave me goose bumps. "Oh, night diviiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Ohhhh, night that Christ was born."

As far as the secular ones, I don't really care for most of the "Santa" songs. Of course, they are geared to kids. I especially have trouble teaching kids that Santa "sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake," etc. Sounds like attributes of God, doesn't it?

I do like "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open fire." I was wondering yesterday -- what do they taste like? And I like "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas." And "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." But "Silver Bells" -- ugh!

Beverly's all-time favorite? "Feliz Navidad." Get her to sing it for you sometime. It's a hoot. Malaya cracks up. "Feliz Navidad -- hey, hey, hey, hey , hey. Feliz Navidad." "I want to wish you a ve-ry mer-ry mer-ry Christmas."

Well, that's my opinion. Just like noses, everybody has one. I'd like to hear yours.


Jeff said...

I like them all the first few times I hear them. After the gazillionth time they start to wear on me.

I used to have a CD of Christmas carols played by several pop and rock singers/bands that really jazzed them up and enjoyed it.

I guess Jingle Bells is the one that plays through my head the most so I would say it must be my favorite.

Maybe Beverly will sing her rendition at Casa Torres.

Kyle R. said...

I like "O Holy Night" alot also.

I listen to KLTY mostly and I like a song they play alot, I think it's called "Mary, Did You Know?"

Speaking of KLTY. Last year they started playing Christmas songs the day after Halloween. I couldn't handle that and promptly switched stations. Apparently many folks felt the same way I did, because this year they did a survey, and it was overwhelmingly in favor of waiting to play Christmas songs AFTER Thanksgiving, which is the way it should be.
On another Christmas note.

Rick, you probably know the answer to this.

Is the the Greek letter X an abbreviation for Christ? I think your friend and mine, Marvin Bryant, once told me that early Christians abbreviated Christ with an X. And if it is, then I suppose it would not be disrepectful to write Merry X-mas. I was taught that the world wrote X-mas because they wanted to omit Christ from Christmas. Just curious. Anybody know the origin behind "X-mas?"

Anonymous said...


You just think Pavarotti can sing "O Holy Night" well. Try Terry Cheatham. And NO I am not prejudice, but I have heard many people sing this, and he has always been my favorite. Of course he sings it acappella and I get goosebumps to this day. If ya'll hang out in Crockett this year, we will be there and maybe he will sing it for you. He is always accepting donations! HA!

Karise Cheatham

Rick Ross said...


It is true that the letter Chi (X) was used as an early abbreviation for Christ. But I always just assumed X-Mas was shorthand for Christmas. I never thought of it as a plot to take Christ out of Christmas.


I would LOVE to hear Terry sing "O Holy Night." He is so awesome! Just wondering though: Can he hit the high note?:)

Cassey said...

I love Carol of The Bells. I most difnitely do not like Feliz Navidad. That song just gets on my last nerve.

jross said...

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap,
Let's go, let's look at the show,
We're riding in a wonderland of snow.
Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap,
It's grand, just holding your hand,
We're riding along with a song
Of a wintry fairy land.

Anonymous said...

Of course he can hit the high note! I try to figure out some way to bribe him into singing it every year, but he is always reluctant. Strange....

Rick Ross said...

I just reread my blog. At the end, I meant that I would like to hear your opinion -- not your nose.

randy said...

Handel "The Messiah"
Tchaikovsky "The Nutcracker"

Anonymous said...


I love Christmas music. I could listen to it year round especially "O Holy Night" and "Mary Did you Know?". They are my two favorite Christmas Carols. I really like the Acapella version of "Mary Did you Know". I can do without "Silver Bells"

Kevin said...

One of the histories of Jingle Bells state that the composer (James Pierpont) wrote it (cir. 1850's)about impressing single ladies at races, the forerunner of todays drag races, of extravagantly decorated sleighs. This occured in/around the Boston area. Pierpont is not one of histories more upstanding characters. Ever since I learned the story behind it, I have been turned off by the song.