Monday, April 03, 2006

The Masters -- I Love It!

No doubt, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Many people are excited about opening day of baseball season. I used to get really up for that. There is the NCAA basketball championship game tonight. This weekend is a huge NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway (zzzzzz).

But an annual sign of spring is The Masters. I absolutely love it! The beautiful dogwoods and azalias. The perfectly manicured golf course. It has to be the most beautiful place this side of heaven. I would love to go there some day -- but it is the hardest ticket to get in sports.

And get this: A sporting event that has only 5 minutes of commercials per hour -- because Augusta's members tell the network, "Take it or leave it." That's hard to beat. Remember a couple of years ago when that lady was calling for a boycott of the Masters? The network was worried about losing sponsors. Augusta's members said, "We will pay you to cover your sponsors. We will go with no commercials rather than give in to her demands." Whether you agree with them or not, that is unheard of in a nation where it's all about money.

So, whether I'm watching it live or on VCR, I will be spending a lot of time this week tuned in.

OK, it's a good time for predictions. Will the Rangers win half their games? (I say no)

How far wIll the Mavericks go in the playoffs? (I say 2nd round).

Will Tiger Woods defend his Masters' championship? (I give him pretty good odds).

Who wins tonight's NCAA championship? (I'll go with UCLA).

Who wins the NASCAR race this weekend? (I don't know enough about it to even venture a guess).

And finally: How many groundhogs will Randy Davis kill on his next hunt?


Jeff said...

The Rangers will win more than half their games and make the playoffs. The Mavs will make it to the Western Conference finals. Phil will ride the roll he is on and win the Masters for a second time. Denny Hamlin will make a mark on NASCAR by winning the Radio Shack/Samsung 500 in the Joe Gibbs racing FedEx car (gotta get all the sponsors in).
As for Randy, I can't believe he's out killing those cute, cuddly little animals. Ha ha

JRoss said...

Rangers - no
Mavs - Finals
Woods -no
Tonight - Florida

Now for the important stuff - my NASCAR prediction. Those who have read my opinions in the past know I'm all about the JJ 48. He will be in the top 5 (enough to keep his points lead). But Roush Racing has the lock on the 1 1/2 mile tracks.

With great pains and a sour taste in my mouth, I predict Greg Biffle, #16 (yuck, gag, cough). I prefer to call him Greg SNIFFLE. It's almost like Rick's feeling toward T.O.

GO 48!

Kyle R. said...

I think there is a high probablity that Randy will kill more groundhogs than the Rangers win games. I hope I'm wrong on that.

Heck, I'm even wearing Texas Rangers scrubs today!

Jeff said...

I knew I forgot one. I pulling for the Gators tonight.

If Biffle wins, I won't enjoy my great seats at the race near as much.

Liz Moore said...

The Rangers... who cares
I agree, Mavs in the Finals.
But the most important team is The STARS!! And I say, Stanley Cup!! Go Stars!!

randy said...

Y'all need to get your varmints straight. Ground hogs are an eastern varmint - I shoot prairie dogs which are more of a western varmint (as opposed to gophers which are more of a northern varmint and ground squirrels which are mountain meadow varmints as opposed to grasshoppers which are summer Wise county BB gun type of varmints).

Nonetheless, the Rangers will fade in August due to lack of pitching like they always do, the Mavs will implode using the "lack of a big guy" excuse, no one will win the masters because the course will be plowed up and planted in hay which is a far better use of the land, and Nascar in the Texas motor speedway wiill be called off because the crowds interfere with me driving down 114 to Bass Pro to get more bullets.