Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Iran and Nukes

So, Iran is working toward developing a nuclear weapon. What should we do about that? I have to admit -- it leaves me convoluted. Understand: I do not think the world would be a safer, better place if Iran had nukes. And I hope that through diplomatic channels, we can work around it. But are we entitled to be the world police simply because we are the biggest and baddest guys on the block? Could these kinds of attitudes be what causes much of the rest of the world to dislike us?

I love the USA! I especially love when we get involved in sharing what we have with a needy world because we are so blessed. But I don't usually feel good inside when we are telling other countries what they can and cannot do -- when we do some of the same things. I know it is an overused argument, but we are still to this day the only nation to have used nuclear weapons against another nation. I am not even disagreeing with Truman's decision. But I still struggle with our "Do as I say, not as I do" diplomacy.

The way we operate makes me wonder if our only allies are those who need our money and resources. Not exactly the kind of ally I would want guarding my back.

So, what do you think?


Josh Ross said...

Honestly, we should not do anything to Iran. Instead, we need to spend more money and energy on taking care of poverty and AIDS in Africa.
That's me.

randy said...

I disagree. We are at war with terrorists that seek to kill us. All of us. I absolutely support preemptive strikes against those countries that avowedly help those with whom we are at war which are trying to obtain nuclear weapons that we have every reason to believe will be used against us.

Josh Ross said...

Fighting 3 wars in 3 different countries would be a huge mistake. I have been influenced by movies and stories such as Hotel Rwanda. Why do we only enter into countries when they are a threat to us? Why do we not go into places for the sake of justice, honor, compassion, integrity...? I hate war, as most of us probably do, and I desperately desire to live in a country where we are known as peace-makers, not peace-breakers.

Jeff said...

I think others will always hate us because of our size, because of our lifestyles, because of many things. No matter where we go or what we do, there will be those who see us as intruders.
I believe we are helping the people of Iraq. Is their country in turmoil? Yes, definitely but there is no easy way to make people play nice. If there was, I believe Jesus would be accepted by the many instead of the few. If people wanted to be helped and would allow help, I believe Jesus would be glorified instead of despised. Please don't think I'm comparing America to Christ but I'm only saying that if people really wanted help, they could find it.