Thursday, April 13, 2006

At The Feet of Jesus

This Sunday, my text is Matthew 28: 1-10. I am especially drawn in by verse 9, where is says that Mary and Mary "clasped (Jesus') feet and worshiped him."

We in Churches of Christ have been big on "patterns" in Scripture. So, as I look at how people responded in worship to Jesus, there is a definite pattern that develops. They are regularly falling at His feet.

I realize that we can't literally fall at Jesus' feet today. But our expressions of worship seem far removed from theirs. "We have to stand again?" "Let me just sit for an hour."

I can't wait for heaven! To be in His presence. To kneel at His feet.

I can honestly say that as I have envisioned heaven through the years, I have never once pictured us sitting down as we praise Him.

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jenny biz said...

Great thoughts Dad! I can't wait to hear your sermon on that text on Sunday!