Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol

Many days, I sit down to write a blog and it just gushes out. Other days I sit in front of my blank computer screen trying to think of what to write, and nothing comes to me. Today is one of those days. So, let's talk about American Idol.

What contestant do you think has the best chance of winning at this point? My guess is that Chris will win. But here is my personal ranking of the remaining six:

1. Paris
2. Elliott
3. Katharine
4. Chris
5. Taylor
6. Kellie

So here is my prediction for tonight: Bottom three are Katharine, Taylor and Kellie. Out? Katharine. Not because she is the worst performer, but because she will not have the base support that the others have.

I would love to hear your personal choices.


John said...

I missed last nights show. However, based on past performances Kellie has to go! I'm not really an Elliot fan, and Taylor is WAY to quirky. I like Chris and Katharine - though she needs some wardrobe adjustments, like a larger size - but she has a GREAT voice.

Finalists = Chris and Katharine, with Chris taking the crown.

Beverly Ross said...

I am so disappointed in Kellie. She has been my favorite all along but the last two weeks she has not sang well. She is so sweet!!!! So now I am going with:
1. Taylor
2. Chris
3. Paris
4. Elliot
5. Katharine
6. Kellie (boohoo)

jenny biz said...

I cannot believe Chris and Taylor are your 4 and 5!! WHAT!! Chris has already won in my book. But Taylor will be second. Anyone want to place $100 bucks on it??
(I am just kidding!)

Anonymous said...

I don't see the attraction for this show. But I suppose I am in the minority. Anyway I hope Englebert Humperdink wins.

Rick Ross said...


In the scheme of life, the show is not very serious. That's part of the attraction. I thought it was silly until I started watching it. It's just a fun show for Beverly and me to tape and watch together.

By the way, we cannot count anonymous votes. Sorry.:)

Jeff said...

I'm for Kellie only because it's my wife's name. I never watch the show so I don't know who they are. I just don't think these shows have much to say, the Bachelor or Apprentice. Now those are shows I can watch because of the great lessons gained. Ha ha.

Josh Ross said...

Kelly Clarkson all the way!

jenny biz said...

Malaya started bawling crying tonight when Kelly got voted off!! I have to admit I actually got a little teary also b/c they make it so dramatic and she has had to overcome so much in her life!
On to the final five...

Beverly Ross said...

I have to admit that I got emotional too. She did overcome so much and I pray someone in her life tells her about the Lord Jesus! She has a precious sweet way about her!

Cassey said...

I loved Kelly . I also am a fan of Katharyn and Chris. However I am not a fan of Taylor . I don't know why .

Liz Moore said...

Well, I'm a little after the fact, but I too am sorry to see Kellie go. I just loved her personality. And in her defense, she is very country and the songs of the last couple of weeks have been harded for her. I'm with Jenny... Taylor and Chris #4 & #5... No Way!! But I think Paris is next. Here is my prediction:
1 and 2. Taylor & Chris (too close to call)
3. Katharine
4. Elliott
5. Paris