Monday, April 17, 2006

Great Weekend!

(Sorry, I wrote this earlier this morning, but accidently saved it as a draft rather than posting it.)

Last weekend was a busy one. But it was a great one! On Saturday morning, Beverly and I went to the Hyatt at the airport to watch our "kids" from church at LTC (Leadership Training for Christ). What a great event this is for our young people. It was fun to hang out with their parents for most of the day as we went from event to event.

By the time we got home, we began preparations for Sunday (Easter). Beverly cooked while I did my normal Saturday night routine (ironing shirt, polishing shoes, and going over my lessons). Then we settled in and watched a movie together (which is one of my favorite-est things to do).

And yesterday! What a wonderful Easter! My daughter and her husband came to worship with us. Of course, this included the icing on the cake -- our granddaughter, Malaya. She was so cute in her new dress. She had her new American Girl doll that was dressed to match. After church, they came to the house for a delicious lunch that Beverly had prepared, and we had such a relaxed afternoon together. It was good.

Let's take with us the aroma of Christ into this week. And let's dream big dreams for the Kingdom!


Beverly Ross said...

I had a GREAT weekend with you, too! It was fun to just 'hang out'! Wasn't Malaya precious yesterday?!?!?!?!?

randy said...

You forgot the experience of listening to a really powerful sermon.

My the Lord bless you and your family.