Thursday, October 20, 2005


I want to thank so many of you for your prayers yesterday. Beverly's procedure went well. However, she was extremely sick for about 6 hours of recovery. I managed to get her home about 6 PM, and then she began to improve. This morning, she is sitting up in bed and feeling much better.

HOW 'BOUT THEM ASTROS! I am so glad to have a World Series in Texas. This is going to be exciting.

Right now we are scheduled to close on our Trophy Club house on the morning of November 2nd and our Decatur house a few hours later. Isn't that incredible! God is so good.

This Sunday, I will begin a series about living in the Kingdom of God. It will focus on the Sermon on the Mount, where the King presents to His subjects what life in His Realm is to be like. I'm excited about this. It is one of my passions right now. I think we (the church) have made a big mistake in trying to make "church" attractive to the world by conforming to it. The Kingdom of God is a radical one. It is upside-down from the thinking and lifestyles of this world. And ironically, it is that difference that makes Jesus and His reign attractive. I'm going to entitle the series, Standing in the Reign.


Josh Ross said...

Preach the word. "May your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
I know that you will tear it up.

It is unfortunate that many (in the Churches of Christ and in other faith traditions) have confined the Kingdom of God to the church. It is bigger than that. It is the reign of Christ over all the earth.

Blessings on your series.

Doyle A Lowe said...

Looking forward to hear it. The church in Decatur has been blessed we your wife and yourself. I look forward to many great and glorious day.

The kingdom of GOD is so BIG!!!
Hope Beverly is doing go.

How about them "stros".
Let's go Texas.
GOD Go With You.

Carmen said...

I am so glad to hear Beverly is feeling better and all went well.
It is also good news about your house situation working itself out. God is very GOOD!!

I can't say enough about my beloved Astros. I have been an Astro fan all my life and have waited for this a very long time.

Thank you Rick for the job that you do. God has truly blessed us by bringing Beverly and yourself to work with us in Decatur and Wise County. I can't wait for Sunday!!!

Please pray for Carmen's family. Her uncle, Rob Holman, passed away Wednesday morning. The funeral is saturday in Colorado City.

God Bless You

Phillip Ritchey

Rick Ross said...


I am so sorry to hear about Carmen's uncle. I pray that the Lord will bless your family with peace and comfort.

Jeff said...

Tell Beverly the Joneses are glad she is doing well and has such a good and caring nurse to take care of her.

I'm looking forward to your series. I have not studied the idea of the kingdom like I should but have ideas on what I believe it truly means. I know your lessons will challenge me to think through it more deeply and spend time in the Bible understanding His word and will better.

Jeff said...

I almost forgot...


Dirtduchess said...

I am so glad Beverly is doing much better. She has a lot on her mind on packing and moving to Decatur. Exciting times for your family. We are so glad God sent you two to our family.
Alvin & Patsy

Randy said...

There's a fine line between making church attractive to the world by importing the world into the church and making the church unattractive to the world and to our fellow Christians by importing human ideals of righteousness on top of God's world.

I look forward to your series and am glad to hear the Beverly is doing well.

I can truly say I don't care much about sports one way or the other.