Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sometimes I hate sports

Sports have to be one of the most gut-wrenching pieces of our lives. The ups and downs of an athlete must be incredibly hard to bear. You can go from hero to goat within a few minutes.

I guess you can tell I watched the game last night. I can't say that I have been a huge Astros fan (or baseball fan, for that matter) for a number of years. But my family used to watch every Astros game. So, it didn't take long to get back on the band wagon. I mean think about it -- there has never been a world series game in Texas! That's embarrassing.

So, last night I'm watching. One out away from the big series. They keep showing one of my heroes -- Nolan Ryan. I'm thinking, "Man, he must be proud of these guys" I watch Lindge as he absolutely embarrasses the 1st two hitters in the inning. Then it starts to unravel, and before you even have time to prepare for it -- BAM! All the mountain-top experience is smashed. From hero to goat in a matter of seconds.

I think I do hate sports (at least today). I have a good friend who has experienced the lows and highs of being a professional athlete. He's been the hero -- cheered by thousands. One tough game, and they're booing. And my heart hurts for him, because he is more than some unfeeling robot out on the field. He is a man who loves the Lord. He is a man who loves his family. He has a family who cares for him deeply and go through the peaks and valleys right along with him. And they hear all the "stuff," too. All of this over a game?

We have people dying from hurricanes and earthquakes. We have terrorists trying to kill us. There are thousands who die every day with no hope of eternity with God. And look at the energy we expend on a game.

I know I'm being harsh. And probably rambling. And I also know I will feel totally different tomorrow. But I just had to get this off my chest today.

Anyone feel differently?


jenny biz said...

Don't read my blog. I was a little rough on Lidge! But I do agree those kind of games make me hate sports!!

Jeff said...

Man, Pujols can crush a baseball, can't he? I didn't think it was every going to stop flying. All that after I jumped out of my chair with arms and fist extended when Berkman cranked his homer. I really like watching Pujols and the Cardinals play. They battle the whole time but I am pulling for Houston this time around and can't believe this was the first game I stayed up to watch.

Sports is just a vehicle for us to escape reality at times. We can easily paint TO to be a bad guy and use that for what is wrong in sports today while also booing a really good guy like Tommy because he had a bad day. When we don't the people, they aren't much different from Josh's PS2 and we expect them to do the right thing on every play. The average Joe sits in his Lazy Boy calling someone a bum but if he was the QB and had a 300 lb giant gunning for him, he'd probably wet his pants. I still like sports, it's just some of the fans I could do without.

Bear said...

If your an Astro's fan you were definatley sick today..That being said, could you have asked for a for exciting finish to a baseball game.

Jeff, quoting you "Sports is just a vehicle for us to escape reality at times". That is so true. After the recent disaters 9/11 etc. People felt they needed Sports to get on with their lives and help cope with pain & emotions they felt. If only so many more people knew that there is a greater power that can relieve all of that pain and those emotions, much better then sports.