Thursday, October 27, 2005

Elder Selection

We are currently undergoing an elder selection process at the Decatur church. I really wish that the Lord had left us a 5-step procedure for this. Three men have been placed before the congregation as candidates. We are now in the "objection period." I don't know about you, but something about that seems strange. "Objection period." It almost seems to encourage the Negative Neds and Nellies to come forward. It seems that perhaps a week of prayer and fasting would be more appropriate. Perhaps even a week of affirmation. Believe me, those who are going to have objections certainly don't need to be encouraged to do so. And obviously, if there is a legitimate objection -- it should come out. Just thought I would share my opinion.

Speaking of affirmation: Being an elder in the church is TOUGH. They hear every complaint -- from the sermon being too long to the air conditioning is too cold or too hot (both in the same week). They're told to go tell so-and-so that she isn't dressed properly. And the song selection needs to have more newer songs or older songs (also both in the same week).

I want to drop a suggestion: Go affirm the elders. Tell them you appreciate what they are doing. Tell them you are behind them. Just be careful. You might have to pick them up off the floor.


Beverly Ross said...

Wowsie-powsie! I TOTALLY say amen! What a great thought - for us to be in prayer and fasting this week! That sounds a lot more like Jesus than having a week of 'objection' - too much of that nasty stuff already, don't you think? I'm with you, and Jesus. I confessed to Marcy and Judy the other night how difficult this new elder thing is for me personally. Maybe a little fasting to go along with my prayer would put blinders back on the eyes of my heart and keep me focused just on Him.
Thanks for the reminder!

Jeff said...

I always thought that once someone was an Elder that the period of objections never ended. :)

I feel some really good men with incredible hearts are being added to the Eldership and the new combined group will be a stronger force to forward the mission we have.

Josh Ross said...

I pray for our Great Shepherd to form the Decatur shepherds into the image of Jesus. Far above being men that keep a good budget and/or sit around a table making decisions, I pray for these men to be men that want to follow the way of Christ: loving the unlovable, showering mercy about those that don't deserve it, nurturing people in their faith, and committing themselves to a life of prayer.

randy said...

I personnally thanked Mark, John, and Mike for agreeing to serve. They are taking on a huge task and deserve our support.