Friday, October 14, 2005

State Fair

Well, today we take our annual trip to the fair. Malaya and Beverly are like kids on Christmas eve. It is a fun day, just being with family and catching the sights. I like the car show. Malaya said that 1st thing, she wants to go to the dog show. I don't think she has ever watched more than 2 minutes of it. Beverly keeps talking about eating a corndog. For me, it's lemonade and something sweet (I guess I should say something else sweet).

How about you? Have you been to the State Fair? If so, what's your favorite sight and what's your favorite "eats"?

Have a great day! I'll tell Big Tex hello for you.

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Beverly Ross said...

Favorite eats?!?!?!? The Fair is full of the best! I love the corn dogs, the funnel cakes, the potato twirls, the cotton candy, and the wonderful lemonade and pizza at Tom's booth! The best ever! But my favorite things is hanging out with my family! I just love 'us'!