Friday, October 07, 2005


Well, for much of this state and that other one just north of us -- tomorrow is a big day. Texas-OU weekend. For those of us who root for the Horns, it's been a tough few years. Times we should have won and didn't. Times when we got blown out and shouldn't. I've never been a huge Mack Brown suppporter, and I've wondered how he has survived this drought. But if he loses this one . . .

I want to say he should be fired. And from a worldly point of view, maybe he should. But that hits too close to home for me these days. Firing someone because they don't meet your ridiculous, worldly expectations. Turning lives upside down because "I want." Breaking commitments to someone because of promises of financial support from someone else. Pretty fleshly thinking. But I've been guilty of similar thinking at times, too.

Praise God -- He doesn't think that way! I'm so grateful that He doesn't "fire me" based on His expectation of results. In fact, He loves me the same when I lose the games I should have won as He does when I play for the championship. Wow! What an awesome, beautiful God!

So, go UT! Win it, Mack! But even if you don't, I'll be pulling for you.


Jeff said...

Hook 'em Horns! For some reason I like Mack but if he loses this one, I don't think he'll make it out of the stadium.
I've been canned a couple of times and while it's never good to lose a job, I always wound up in a better situation. I came to the conclusion that He moved me when I didn't think to move myself. Even when things seem to go wrong, I seem to find He's still in control. Hallelujah!

Rick Ross said...


Thanks for the reminder. He does like to surprise His kids with good things.

Beverly Ross said...

Yuk! I hate being reminded of the pain of the recent past. Not a place I ever want to be again. The best part is learning to step into God a bit more.
About Mac, why is the coach's fault if his players do crummy? Maybe they are winning a bet on the game - remember Pete Rose????? Anyway, I hope his wife sits somewhere secluded so she doesn't have to hear the boo's if they lose. People can be so fickle. I pray for steadfast feet! I don't want to wear the fickle thing - it looks terrible on me!

Josh Ross said...

I'm stepping out on a limb and saying that OU will beat the odds.