Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baseball, State Fair and the Weekend

The cycles of life are so wierd to me. I can remember a day that I knew the names of every baseball player and his stats. Back in the mid to late 80s, our family watched every Astros game that was televised -- about 156 a year (Jenny has very fond memories of this. It's probably why she watches the stuff she does today.See her blog from yesterday:

Today, I couldn't name a dozen big leaguers. But I do know that it's playoff season. And I'll be pulling for the 'Stros again. How about you? Who are you rooting for? (If your team is the Yankees, please don't contaminate this sight with a vote for them. And Josh, you can't vote for the Giants.)

On another note: Who's going to the state fair? Beverly absolutely loves it. I go along, and always end up enjoying it. Suggestion: Go to the food court and there will be a pizza place. It's run by a friend -- Tom Grace. Order a lemonade. You will thank me later. I would not recommend going this weekend however. Texas-OU. Is this finally the Longhorns' year?

On another note, Beverly and our daughters-in-law are going to be leading a ladies' retreat for our church. Jenny can't be there because her brother-in-law is getting married in Houston. But I am so proud of all of them. How cool is that? I will probably go play golf Friday afternoon and come home, fix some popcorn and watch an old movie. Any suggestions?


Jeff said...

I'll be pulling for the Astros and Cards. If they play each other, I'll cheer on the Astros.

I try to avoid the state fair. There's just so many people.

I have elected to avoid the movie suggestion simply because old movies kept coming to mind and with your impending birthday, I surely didn't want to infer the wrong thing.

If you get bored, Decatur plays in town this week. Come and join us.

jenny biz said...

I never thought that being immersed in sports my whole life could have such a terrible effect on me. You are probably right, that is why I watch all that stuff.

Being in the Biz home, I must go for the 'Stros. I like watching Berkman pop his bubblegum.

We will be joining you guys at the fair. Very excited!! And I can't wait for the lemonade!

I have a great idea that would take up your whole weekend and take you back to the old days! You need to rent the 1978/1979 years of GH. Those were the great Luke and Laura days that I know you know a little about;)

John Ross said...

For a movie I suggest "National Treasure". It's clean, funny, and exciting. Not too many movies made like that these days.

Beverly Ross said...

Perfect moment -- watching the Astros win BIG, eating a State Fair corndog loaded with mustard, drinking one of Tom's drinks, with a funnel cake in waiting, and watching 78/79 Luke and Laura!!!!! Yea! I'm having a great time just thinking about it!