Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Did We Elect Them?

The political rhetoric in our country is receiving a lot of attention these days. None more than Sarah Palin's "crosshairs" remark. Some in the media have attempted to pin the events in Arizona on her. Yet NOTHING about the insane murderer suggests that he acted for such a reason.

I heard a quote on talk radio from President Obama in which he said something to the effect of "if the Republicans bring knives to the table, we will bring guns." Interesting how this has not received any media attention.

Then yesterday, a Congressman compared those opposed to the Obama healthcare bill to Nazis who were guilty of the holocaust. Really?

I have read enough history to know that the current rhetoric is nothing new. In fact, if you go back to the 1800s, it was much worse. Does it need to stop? Absolutely.

In fact, wouldn't it be refreshing if both sides of the aisle quit with the posturing and name-calling -- and actually constructively dealt with the problems of our nation? What a novel idea.


Jeff said...

We may well have the best political system in the world yet I despise it. There was a time I wanted to be a part of it. Today, it would make me sick to know that my future was cast with these people. I fear the corruption and shallowness will continue until our country comes crumbling down...and it surely will with the arrogance of those who lead it into deeper depths of debt.

Kyle R. said...

In the Azle News yesterday, I thought Bob Buckel had an interesting editorial along these lines. HIs opinion column was actually a letter addressed to the Texas legislature, but the similar ideas.

Check it out at It's under the opinions section, I think.

I agree with you, RIck.